"Since peace begins in the minds of men, it is in the eyes of the children that we shall see and make decisions that lead this way to humanity."

Our Goal

Football is universal! It is a cult in every “Nations of the World” without any distinction of race, nationality, skin color, culture, gender, religion, social, physical or mental background.


It is not only a sport but a legacy from the past from which we are benefiting today and that we transmit to the future generations.


Some months ago an application was filed to UNESCO in order to recognize football as our World Heritage.


Now it is our time to act!

Our voice will have to reach each and every UNESCO ambassador from all 185 member states!

Rani Vanouska Modely Vanessa MOdely.jpeg

Rani Vanouska T. Modely

Rani Vanouska Modely Vanessa MOdely.jpeg

The Football Princess, Rani Vanouska T. Modely visited Aspire Academy

Rani Vanouska Modely Vanessa MOdely.jpeg

Football World Heritage, Princess Rani Vanouska Modely and UNESCO

Football in numbers

4,5 billion

viewers at the world cup

260 million

of casual or regular football players around the world

40 million

of licensees including
115 000 professional

500 000 

football games every week in the world (32,000 matches every weekend in France)

900 000 

referees in the world



Why sport?


Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair


- Nelson Mandela

Why football?


Because it is universal beyond languages, religions and conflicts,

Because it reverberates worldwide hymns and awakens our national pride,

Because it is a link between nations and peoples, and between pride, equality, sharing and passion,

Because it is the most important sport for millions of young people who consider their team as their first fraternity, Because it is a step forward for emancipation of women, Because it represents the desire to play, and therefore to live, together,

Because it is simultaneously valor and endurance, sportsman and collective, commitment and temperament,

Because it is more than just a sport,

Because it gives birth to winning spirit that exists within each of us,

Because billions of us love it, Because it leads people to reach their dreams…

Because it’s worth it



The "Football World Leaders" who make difference


“We are obviously conscious of the enormous power of the most popular sport in the world, of its capacity to act as a vehicle for universal values such as fair-play and respect and of its efficiency in the strive for social improvement that are the equality between men and women, social inclusion, tolerance and education. We hope that Football will be saved in the Intangible Cultural Heritage list of UNESCO”.


Princess Rani Vanouska T.MODELY

Ambassador delegate for Football World Heritage of UNESCO 

"Football, before being a matter of competition and money, it is the most popular sport, the most universal, a common language and a collective memory shared by 4.5 billion people in all nations of the world. How could it not be in the service of UNESCO's objectives: Education, Culture, Social Inclusion, Equality and the Development of United Nations Programs, whose common destiny is to serve the Peace".

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