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FWH is governed by a prestigious committee of international leading figures and football icons.

 Princess Rani Vanouska T.MODELY

Founder of Football World Heritage


Princess Rani VANOUSKA T.MODELY is leading the campaign, as the president of the Football World Heritage organisation, to have football recognised by UNESCO as part of world intangible cultural heritage. 

From her previous experience working to promote UNESCO’s activities and particularly following her presidency of the "Cercle de la France a l’UNESCO" appointed by the French national committee for UNESCO, under the aegis of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Princess Modely worked as a special adviser to the presidency and as goodwill representative. 

In that capacity, she was invited to the Champion’s League awards ceremony in Monaco in the presence of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. It was here that she made her first steps in the Football universe, walking down the stairs of the famous UEFA blue carpet of the Grimaldi Forum; and then that the Football World Heritage project was conceived.

Appointed and supported by State Members, she has been officially appointed Ambassadress for the Football as an Intangible World Heritage of UNESCO project. This candidacy is carried under the aegis of the football World Heritage organization, and govern by a prestigious comitee.

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